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New products tailored to the ever increasing market requirements.


Continuous optimization of the quality and reliability of our products.


Anticipating the growing needs of the market and adapting to it.

The Company


   The company "Testa" was founded in 1953 by "N. Roumeliotis" based in Athens and aimed at production of locks and keys to meet the growing needs of the time.


   The company soon after an internal organization, acquired customer base throughout the Greek territory by promoting the production of products, which were characterized by the build quality and functionality.


   The acceptance was global and that was the starting point for the expansion of its product range in the coming years, leading to produce solutions which were a great success in the market because of the characteristics determined.


   Our vision in the field of locks needed and requires continued development and research about it and we we gave and continue to give great attention to design and develop our products to establish themselves in the market place.


   The evolution of a business always in line with the continuous technological upgrading our machines and infrastructure with the uneasily spirits of our product designers.


   Through these years, our company has acquired a momentum of its operation through equity and the prospect of growth with the same forces.


   It is basically a plant that is based on quality and the best customer service.


   We Continue after so many years, with the same mood and enthusiasm to our work in the field of locks, targeting more healthy business streets, in the interest of the Greek production and those who supports.


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